Main Services

• Presentations and Speeches
• Message Development
• Corporate Writing
• Graphic & Web Design
• Media Training

We also deliver communications workshops and spokespeople services.

Forget traditional communications strategies. In the “Connected Age”, the winner is the company that can tell its story in the most compelling, consistent—and believable way. This is easier said than done; in many companies, it requires an overhaul of the way they communicate to employees, investors, and the media and public.
We can help you make that transition to a new level of natural or “authentic communications.” The approach is based on tactics our principals, Mark Ivey and Ivy Lau, honed over 20 years in public relations, marketing, media and marketing communications. Mark is a former bureau chief for Business Week and former national spokesman for Intel; Ivy is a veteran graphic designer who has worked for dozens of big name companies in Silicon Valley, helping them to develop their web site designs, their corporate "look & feel" presentations, as well as their marketing literatures. Together, we’ll help you develop and present ideas that will captivate and connect with even the toughest audiences. Whether it’s a speech, media appearance, or corporate message, we’ll help bring new life to your message and communications efforts, raising them to the next level. It’s the power of authentic communications.
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