• Keynote (written) speeches
• Powerpoint presentations
• Panel discussions
• Powerpoint (slide) graphics

Sample Speeches
Technology (Sun Microsystems)
  presentation (ppt)
Financial Services
  (Burgenstock speech)
Inspirational (college) speech
Presentation & Speeches

Many executives approach speeches like a product pitch, overloading them with content and mountains of information. The message is quickly lost, along with the audience. There’s a better, and more natural way.

We help executives find their true voice; while zeroing in on the key issues and messages. We use memorable stories and targeted statistics to help make the main points, and work with the speaker to develop a style that is true to them, and effective.

The result are crisp, compelling speeches.

Our skills bridge the worlds of pure speech writing and presentation development. We bring a speaker’s flair to the often dry world of corporate presentations, along with a full range of graphics services, assuring the presentation is visually sharp.

We spend a lot of time with key players to make sure we capture the essence of the message and story. Along with interviewing content specialists and doing research, we also do an audience and event analysis.

We employ techniques such as the message triangle to keep speakers on track. And we work with the executive’s team to make sure it fits their own personal, authentic style, one that will resonate with their audiences, captivating their attention, motivating them to action.

The goal is to create a speech or presentation that perfectly meets the client’s needs, on time and on budget.
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