Workshops & Training

Corporate Media Training
Corporate media training focuses on helping managers, from mid to senior level, polish their broadcast and print media skills. The broadcast portion is more focused on appearance and style vs content, since TV is a visual medium. Issues include dressing for the camera, body and facial language, and how to spin questions appropriately to emphasize key messages. Participants will learn tricks for “bridging” back to their issues and how to deal with difficult questions without appearing defensive. Most of the practice will be before a camera, so participants can get a better idea of how to fine-tune their interviews. In many cases we will work with people who are preparing to appear on TV soon, allowing them to focus on specific issues. On the print side, We review tips on preparing for and dealing with magazine and newspaper reporters and how to refine messages to assure they’re well received. These sessions go from a 1/2 day to a full day and are heavily customized for the client.

Presentation Skills
Our presentation skills programs last 1 to 2 days and focus on key issues, starting with how to craft the presentation from the beginning. Discussions will address getting over the fear of speaking and relaxation techniques. We will discuss tips on analyzing and preparing for audiences, strong openings and issues like good posture, gestures and eye contact. Facial expression and voice control will also be covered. Throughout, participants will have several chances to practice on video and receive positive feedback. These workshops are highly practical and interactive. 1:1 coaching sessions are also available.

Mission Statement & Messaging
Our messaging and mission statement workshops focus on helping companies develop identifying statements for internal and external positioning. This might be a corporate communications group working on external messaging or a specific department, trying to define their (internal) charter and positioning within their company.The sessions can focus on developing a core mission statement from scratch or refine existing statements. Messages are also created from scratch or fine tuned, and we work groups through various exercises to explore new ways to convey the messages, assuring they resonate with targeted audiences. These sessions are generally one-day.

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