Writing Projects

• High level branding messages
• Mission statements
• “Elevator speeches”
• Advertising slogans
• Customer profiles

• Executive ghost writing
  (blogs, articles, books)
• Web content
• Feature articles
• Editorials, Op-Ed pieces

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Writing and Message Development

Even in the Internet age, articles, corporate messages and the written word are still powerful weapons in helping a company or individual shape their image. Now imagine having a former Business Week editor available to write your material. Mark Ivey is a published author and former syndicated newspaper columnist, and served for years in senior writing positions at Intel and Sun Microsystems, along with his experience as a BusinessWeek bureau chief. It’s his ability to demystify and often humanize complex subjects that separate him from the pack.

Our specialty is corporate messaging—transforming complex material into simple, but compelling statements that will help your company cut through the noise and convey your messages effectively. We develop corporate messages that are succinct, compelling and effective. Our other writing services range from editorials to executive profiles and features. All are carefully designed to help you build your public image.

Whether we’re writing messages or feature stories, we’re always looking for the angle that will connect with the audience. We stress the use of stories to communicate the company’s position, often spending hours to research, develop and craft them. We use humor, when possible, and we’re always seeking out the human angle to a story. The style is sharp, pithy—and to the point.
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